As a manufacturer of environmental technology products, we are proud to help supply cleaner air for workers and equipment in workplaces of all sizes and types. Our Ducting is an integral part of dust, mist, and fuse collection systems around the world.
Nordfab® introduced Quick-Fit® clamp-together ductwork, with its unique rolled edge ends and easy-to-use clamps, in 1990. As well as being the originator, Nordfab is the industry leader, and the world’s largest supplier of clamp-together ducting for dust, mist, and smoke collection / industrial ventilation.


Nordfab Americas was incorporated in 1979. In the USA, Nordfab owns and operates two office and manufacturing facilities, totaling 110,000 square feet, in Thomasville, NC.


simple illustration of a dust collection system

Ductwork for Dust Collection

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Which Industries Use Nordfab Ducting?

Industrial Duct for Process Ventilation and Dust, Mist, & Fume Collection- Read More

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Ducting for Oil Mist and Cutting Fluid Applications

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illustration of high vacuum duct in manufacturing facility

When to Use High Vacuum

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Nordfab mild steel ducting installation at wood products manufacturing facility

Nordfab Mild Steel Duct System

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worker in woodworking facility

Nordfab Ducting in Woodworking Facilities

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coffee roaster with Nordfab QF ductwork

Nordfab Ducting in Coffee Roasting Facilities

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Nordfab duct at concrete batch plant

Ducting for Concrete and Cement Production

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Duct at dust collector in grain installation

Nordfab Ducting in the Grain Industry

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Nordfab duct trunk line in polymer products factory

Nordfab Ducting for Polymer and Plastics Processing

Easy Installation and Reconfiguration